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the meaning of…

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The only meaning anything has is that which we attach to it. This empowering statement is found among a handful of channeled teachings. To understand how we can utilize this piece of wisdom, let’s look at some ways this statement could translate into action in one’s life. Firstly, let’s be clear that the meaning attached […]

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the hummingbird visits

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Being positive doesn’t mean we’re flashing big cheesy smiles 24/7. Being positive is about being real. It’s about being human. It’s about maintaining an underlying core belief that everything, EVERYTHING that is happening is somehow in our favor. KNOWING that there are gifts in every moment and actively participating in the journey with it’s highs […]

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never give up… resolutions round 2

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How’s it going with the New Year’s resolutions? If you’re like most people, your resolutions may be sitting in the corner playing with the dust bunnies by now. Maybe they’re long forgotten or worse, newly delegated to the realms of making you feel kinda crappy about your lack of apparent follow through. I’m using the […]

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healing our holistic selves

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Oh life. This blog is coming to you, written from bed. Yup. I put my back out. What a perfect opportunity I’ve been given to write a little about metaphysics. Everything that happens to us physically, happens first on an energetic level. When our body is speaking this clearly to us through incapacitation, it’s saying […]

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