bring your visions to life

Okay, so you have some BIG DREAMS…

It can be overwhelming just thinking about all that it’s going to take to get those lofty ideas up and running. The good news is, you’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people have successfully launched their change-making endeavors out into the world and I’m going to share with you a few essential things that these folks have done in order to make it happen. By implementing these practices, you too will become empowered to bring your ideas from inspiration… to manifestation.

Here’s what it’s going to take…

do your research

So you have an awesome idea? Fantabulous. If it requires the co-operation of others (which 99% of ideas in some way do), you’re going to need to find out if others want to play in this sandbox with you. Does your idea involve clients, customers, retailers, organizations, volunteers, investors? What do they think of this idea? Does your contribution solve a problem or fill a big need that others are aware of? Do people get it? What kinds of numbers are you looking at? Do the numbers come together to form a sustainable endeavor? Whether in the form of time, energy or money, new ventures always require some kind of investment. How long with it take for this investment to pay off?

When collecting information be focused with your approach. Prepare a list of questions that will help you get answers to the things you really need to know, not just to hear what you want to hear. And make sure you’re doing your online research as well as getting out and talking to lots of people for feedback.

start small and test the market

Everything doesn’t need to be perfect before you hit go. Go is where you learn the most. Don’t make big investments into an idea that you have not proved will work yet. Start small and grow as you go. The feedback you receive from your target market is where the real proof is. Are people willing to invest in your offering? How many people? What are they saying? What needs to be improved?

plan and prioritize

It’s easy to work on the bits we want to work on and push the difficult feeling but important tasks to the side. Plan and prioritize to get a big picture view of what has to happen and in what order for your endeavor to make sense. Then work the plan.

build your confidence

Starting something new and putting yourself out there can be scary but there’s no need to jump in over your head. Dip your toes in and recognize and appreciate all that you are doing to make this happen. Celebrate your accomplishments and continue to challenge yourself bit by bit. Overtime, this will lead to a strong, confident self that is able to accomplish tasks that today might seem unimaginable.

work your strengths and ask for help where you need it

We all have areas where we excel and areas that drag us down. By knowing what we’re really good at and what we’re not, we can leverage this information to make huge strides.
Let’s face it, trying to do absolutely everything alone is a daunting and often inefficient way of going about your business. While starting up something new requires that you do most of it on your own, there are areas where it just makes sense to elicit some help. If you know that certain tasks (like drawing a logo for example) is going to take you 25 times longer than it needs to and cause you to mad frustration, that’s where you need to ask for help. Do you really want to spend days, weeks, months or years trying to figure something out that the guy down the street has mastered and charges a small fee for to help you get it done in a matter of hours?

Getting help doesn’t mean you need to hire the top people in each field at premium rates. Since the beginning stages of a business are where you are still testing things out and gaining footing you’ll want to look for creative ways of getting help. Often we can create barter arrangements or find people who are willing to work to gain the experience at a lower rate and sometimes, it just makes sense to pay up for what we need and get it taken care of. It’s all about the value we are going to get as a return on that investment.

surround yourself with people doing what you want to do

We learn so much by hanging out with people who have walked similar paths before us and by asking questions. You could spend 10 years learning one big lesson or ask one really great question to someone who’s already done it and reap the benefits immediately. So think about it… what do you want to learn and who do you know that has already gone there?
Read bios, ask questions, educate yourself.

overcome your mental obstacles

It’s truly amazing what kind of blocks can appear when we’re challenging ourselves to do something new. And because we don’t know what we don’t know, this is definitely an area where working with a coach can be of tremendous benefit. Often what looks like a huge roadblock or hurdle on our path just requires a shift in the way we see things.

invest in yourself

New endeavors require commitment and investment. While the investments can and should be highly strategic and minimized, keep in mind that what you put into something will be what you get back. If you’re not willing to invest in your endeavor yourself, who will be?

Ask yourself – what do you need to learn, what’s the best source of that information for you and what’s it going to take to get to where you want to be?

commit to doing whatever it takes

This one’s tricky because it requires the kind of open-mindedness that is often not associated with someone who is engulfed in the passion of a new idea. It requires an ability to look really honestly at yourself and at what your market research is telling you, and then to act on that information with the focus and precision of a superhero.

If your market isn’t willing to invest in what you’re offering, you’ll need to make some serious changes in order to ensure you’re actually solving a problem that people will exchange their valuable time and energy for. And if you are not able to do that, committing to doing whatever it takes can also mean walking away.

Thinking you have a great idea, doing the groundwork to see if it has support and then letting go of an idea that doesn’t appear to have a strong and solid future is one of the bravest things an entrepreneur can do. And by doing this, we open up space for the next big idea.

While it’s true that “where there’s a will there’s a way”, we want to ensure that the way, is a way that truly benefits a number of people and that doesn’t cause you more struggle and strife than necessary. By committing to doing whatever it takes, we open up space for us to reach our goal, even if the path we thought was going to lead us there, doesn’t turn out to be the best path to take.

You dreams will find their wings, let’s just make sure those wings are attached firmly before you get too high off the ground.

If you want your project to go further, faster and be more focused, one of the BEST things you can do is to consider working with a coach.
If you think you might like to work together, reach out to book a complimentary coaching consultation and we’ll spend an hour together on the phone, exploring what that could look like.