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cultivating dreams

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In the ever evolving flow of change and progression… I’ve experienced another big shift in my life. After 2 beautiful years of living in White Rock where I’ve loved walking to the beach, the abundance of sunshine and the floral infused fresh ocean breeze, it’s time to move on. We’re saying goodbye to this calm […]

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defining success

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Success. The World English Dictionary defines this word as: the favourable outcome of something attempted or the accomplishment of desired end. The root of this word success is from the word successor, meaning one who comes after. Recently posed the question on Twitter, ”What is your definition of success?” This question intrigued me and […]

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New Year’s resolution solutions

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January 1st. We’ve all been here before. It’s time to decide if we’re willing to set ourselves up with some New Year’s resolutions. To resolve to do something better or bring a new kind of wonderful into our lives. But why do we even need to decide if we’re going to make resolutions? It’s in […]

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