the hummingbird visits

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“I Dreamt I was Made of Nectar” oil painting by Ka Amorastreya

Being positive doesn’t mean we’re flashing big cheesy smiles 24/7. Being positive is about being real. It’s about being human. It’s about maintaining an underlying core belief that everything, EVERYTHING that is happening is somehow in our favor. KNOWING that there are gifts in every moment and actively participating in the journey with it’s highs and lows. Knowing that WE ARE CREATING THIS JOURNEY and all is perfect. Perfect in that it’s all in our best interest even though that may not be how it appears as we muddle our way through.

One thing that can make our journey more fun is in our observation of the subtleties. The watching, listening and feeling of the energy that connects us all, as it speaks to us and through us.

For weeks previous to the hummingbird visit, I had been experimenting with doing my work while stepping out of my natural way of being. I had been playing with other ways of getting things done. It had been challenging and I was feeling stretched. I awoke that morning and felt the need to allow my emotions to arise and release. As I was doing so, hummingbird appeared at my window.

I’d been calling this spirit to my garden for a couple months and he showed up just as things were feeling most difficult. I knew that the timing was not a coincidence. The question was, what gifts had he come to share?

As I posed the question, I received the answer. His medicine was to help make things easier. This I could feel. As I stopped crying, I moved from a space of feeling tired to one of awe and gratitude.

Experiencing the divine majick of a nature spirit visitation is as a gift that we all have the opportunity to experience. By staying open to possibilities, knowing that there is always something for us to learn and being willing to do the work it takes to decipher the message, we begin to invite more and more of these precious moments into our lives.

By taking a moment to play detective we can easily find the meaning in these experiences. I believe that we are our own best sleuth sayer of the message. Just like dreams, symbols will have different meanings for different people. These meanings are interpreted based on our previous experiences and beliefs about those experiences. While starting with our own interpretation of the symbols is great, it’s helpful to know that there is also a deeper symbolism ingrained in our collective psyches. Our ancestors agreed upon common interpretations of different occurrences in our natural world and although we may not be aware of their interpretations consciously, on a deeper level, their beliefs are also a part of us. By tapping into our intuition and checking to see what the event symbolizes to us, we are often accessing some of this ancient, cultural wisdom.

After checking in with ourselves to see what we can decipher, it can also be fun to check in with other resources which often bundle beliefs from various cultures and sources. In this case I felt inspired to read up on the hummingbird in Ted Andrews book “Animal Speak”.

What did I take from the information gathered from this event?

To me, this agile, sweet creature was showing me that all would be taken care of in a beautiful way. He was moving so rapidly yet appeared to be still.

So I relaxed and posed the question…. How could I take on more of this hummingbird majick in my work?

I then went about my day with a deeper sense of calm, gratitude, and a connection with a knowingness that the answers WILL be shown to me. And that feels like a pretty majickal place to be.


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  1. Krystle Dawn says:

    This is beautiful.
    I never really take the time to see things like a hummingbird to be a gift.
    I also hardly have a good cry and I’m starting to think that this is something I’ve been taking for granted because I always felt that crying was a sign of weakness (or was told it was).
    This changes my view completely.
    Thank you.


    • solah says:

      You are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing how you feel about this piece Krystle. I’m glad to have shared some fresh perspectives with you. Enjoy the gifts and the releases. I think we could apply that old saying “better out than in” to crying too! Let it flow. Big big loving hugs.

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