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Oh life. This blog is coming to you, written from bed. Yup. I put my back out. What a perfect opportunity I’ve been given to write a little about metaphysics.

Everything that happens to us physically, happens first on an energetic level. When our body is speaking this clearly to us through incapacitation, it’s saying loud and clear “Time to have a good look at what is going on behind the obvious malady”.

For a few weeks now, I knew that my energy was off. Something happened about 3 weeks back that was a little disappointing for me. Although I knew ultimately it was in my best interest, I could feel myself carrying some heavier energy that was obviously not super positive. The night before my back went out, I had actually sat down, looked at what wasn’t working and created a plan to move forward in a way that felt better.

Then a friend came over to visit and vent about some struggles she was experiencing. Sometimes finding the balance between being a coach and being a friend can be tricky. This was one of those times. My love for her and my ability to see a clear path to her higher potential, which she had planned to follow so many times before, misconstrued itself as a frustration. Frustration that my powerful friend was repeating the same patterns for years, without taking the action she kept talking about taking.

At the moment of this frustration, I received a phone call while attempting to lift something with one hand. Boom. Out goes my lower back. Now I’m laying on the floor. My friend had served me by triggering my own imbalance.

After two days of serious bed rest with a woozy head and belly, my body is telling me that it’s time for a little more movement. So today, up I got, made some breakfast and tapped into my inner healer.

For me, healing my back is about working on a holistic level. Holistic means that we’re looking at the entire body. Not just the physical but the mental, emotional and energetic bodies as well. If I work only on the physical level, letting the muscles relax and heal via rest, applied heat and even stretching and strengthening once it’s feeling better, I’m still bound to encounter this same problem or something more serious in the future. This is because the energetic imprint is still present and I have not addressed the thoughts and emotions that are fuelling the physical ailment.

Remember I mentioned that everything that happens to us physically, first happens energetically? Knowing that the area that my back strained is located closest to my 2nd chakra, this is the first place I look for information. I began by asking myself, what does the 2nd chakra represent? In what ways have I been out of balance in these areas of my life. Is there an excess or a shortage of energy here? How is the energy blocked? What is this injury showing me about how I was being and what do I need to do to bring this part of myself back into balance? The realizations I gain through this form of questioning will then be worked into new healthier and more balanced thoughts and actions.

To help clear out the old energies in that area, I spent some time smudging my back. This felt incredibly relieving. Next I filled the area with healing vibrations via crystals, color therapy and herbs. Fortunately, I’m able to incorporate the loving energy from friends and family via healing gifts I’ve received from them in the past. I had a hot water bottle in a hand stitched cover bag adorned for my from my sister, tea grown by my best friend, and smudge wild crafted by a friend who imbues powerful healing energies into all that she does.

There are infinite different ways we can work with energy to heal ourselves. The ones I’ve just mentioned are just a few that I chose to use, working with what I had at home. I find the best medicine is an inquisitive mind, an open heart, an awakened intuition, and a willingness to do what feels right for ourselves.

Again, holistic healing means were looking at every level of healing. By focusing on physical healing as well as exploring what I was doing that got me here and what I need to be doing to maintain balance in my second chakra, I’m not only strengthening my body, but also my spirit.
Therefore, I’m thankful for this opportunity for deep inward reflection, the healing gifts from loved ones, the opportunity to share this info with others, and my cozy bed which cradles my body as work towards a stronger and healthier version of myself.

What personal imbalances do you wish to adjust now, before experiencing their manifestation on a physical level?

Solah Nightstar works as an Empowerment Coach and Manifestation Mentor helping Changemakers create the world they wish to see.

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  1. bob koch says:

    my turn to send you some healing vibes! be well! b.

  2. solah says:

    Thanks Bob. It worked! I’m feeling great now. Hope you are too 🙂

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