Changemaker interview with Michael Averill

Changemaker Michael Averill is a fantastic guy.

I recently met Michael in the midst of his organizing a 29th birthday/album release party. He put on an amazing event involving the culmination of a life’s worth of work in his album. The album is comprised to incorporate a puzzle asking the question “What is life all about?” and the party involved inspirational speakers talking about what the music meant to them. It was a truly powerful event and I was very fortunate to have been invited to speak on one of his songs.

Here’s what Michael had to share with us on some questions I posed to him:


What are the three biggest changes you would like to see in the world  around you?

1. An increase in the amount of individuals living the lives they are passionate about.

2. Elimination of humanity’s fear of being judged.

3. An increase in plain and simple kindness without expectation.

What have you been doing to implement these changes?

The answers for 1. and 3. are leading by example. I walk the talk on a daily basis, which I hope helps to inspire others to do the same. I have made my “work” revolve around helping others,(my passion), discover their passions, and showing genuine kindness to others is just the right thing to do. We usually ignore our natural feelings to do so because of change I wish to see number 2…The fear of being judged for doing anything, even if it could have a positive effect. It’s mind boggling!

What are the 3 most powerful personal changes you’ve made?

1. Making time for myself to rest, recover, refuel the tank.

2. Being honest with my opinion and true feelings in communication with others. I held this back for a lot of years because I was afraid either people wouldn’t care, or I would hurt someone’s feelings.

3. Immediate acknowledgement and execution of my intuitive thoughts and ideas.
What are you currently working on?

Waking people up to themselves via various projects fueled by music. Just released a concept album designed to take participants on an introspective journey over the course of 11 months. More info can be found at
Otherwise, I am about to embark on an artistic/cultural expedition in Nepal for the month of April, and then to China and Taiwan for 2 months to engage with kids in music/art/and language. Coming back to Van for the summer to play/perform/run a variety of music community development events. The main one being The One Song Challenge, which will be held Sunday nights starting July 8th at Corduroy Lounge. More info on that will be available through our company website,, very soon. This is a huge singer/songwriter development challenge that, at a minimum, requires 8 artists to write and perform one new song a week based on a give suggestion. It’s a blast, and Corduroy’s food is killer!
Beyond the summer is a either Western or full Canadian tour, and continued development on next year’s massive musical endeavour…I keep myself busy!
What do you do when times get tough?
Times are always tough, and easy at the same time. I don’t think I really do anything extraterrestrial in nature, although it might seem like it in western world mentality. If I were to pin one thing I actually “do” when times become challenging, it would be embracing my excitement. I now get really pumped when I hit major roadblocks, primarily because I know making it to the other side changes me in incredible ways, and I love it. Tough times have brought me my greatest joy.
What are you most proud of in your life?
The fact that I could die tomorrow and be happy with what I have done thus far. Anything else is bonus!

What else would you like to share?
A game of chess….I am very amateur, and love the game, but no one seems to play…Any takers?


To check out Michael’s sweet tunes, learn more about his work and invite him to a game of chess, visit