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Coaching & Consulting Session

Are you feeling unsure what needs to happen to move forward positively in your life? Or maybe you have some ideas but are feeling stuck, confused or overwhelmed?

If you need to find the best plan to help you move beyond your current situation, this is the ticket.

– Gain clarity around where you’re at and where you want to go

– Uncover obstacles that might be standing in your way

– Choose a path that works best for you right now

– Develop an action plan that will powerfully propel you forward

Become an empowered Changemaker equipped with tips and techniques that will help you move forward energetically with more ease and joy!


phone or skype call  60 minutes in length



Learn how to implement effective tools and techniques that will enable you shift the energies within your current situation.

Explain your scenario and be heard by a trained coach who will hone in on the current energies surrounding your situation. You will then be instructed in how to effectively implement energetic tools and techniques that will help you shift out of your current way of being and align with energies that take you in the direction that you want to be going.

These tools may include customized meditations, chakra exercises, the use of crystals, affirmations, ceremony, breathing techniques, focus exercises or many others. A variety of methods will be discussed and we’ll be sure to find at least one that feels right for you.  Clients are instructed on how to perform the techniques in the most efficient and powerful way and questions are answered.

Customized Solutions to help you Shift Energies

45 minute consulting session $75    



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