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The World Domination Summit and the Journey of a Changemaker

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I’ve recently returned home from The World Domination Summit. I know, the name sounds crazy right? It was pretty huge. 3000 Changemakers from over 30 countries gathered under the themes of community, adventure and service. The World Domination Summit, or WDS for short, revolved around main stage speakers over the weekend as well as smaller […]

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staying connected… and how to create a ‘grassy grounding device’

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The other day, I was listening to a talk where the speaker mentioned ‘earthing’ technologies and the benefits of spending time in our bare feet connecting with the ground. As electromagnetic beings living in modern society, we’ve really separated ourselves from nature. We wear shoes all day and work/live in highrises or on cement […]

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the hummingbird visits

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Being positive doesn’t mean we’re flashing big cheesy smiles 24/7. Being positive is about being real. It’s about being human. It’s about maintaining an underlying core belief that everything, EVERYTHING that is happening is somehow in our favor. KNOWING that there are gifts in every moment and actively participating in the journey with it’s highs […]

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