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passion as the road to purpose

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How to Discover your Passions and Live your Purpose Sometimes we get stuck. Stuck in a problem that doesn’t appear to have a clear solution. At some point in our life, many of us get stuck on the “What’s my purpose?” question. While slogging through work and sleepless nights this question keeps recurring. Stuck is […]

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stepping into our truth, purpose and passion

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The following letter was written by a client who is in the midst of pursuing her career as a musician. Part of this process for her involved letting go of the full-time “soul-sucking” office work she had been doing so that she would have more energy and focus to put into what she felt was […]

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dancing on the horizon of success

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I’m so stoked… my toes are tingling! One of the things I’ve noticed over the years of paying attention to how energy works is this… When something fantastic is about to happen, you can feel it coming. There’s actually a  building up of energy to a climax where the wonderful occurrence takes place. I’m at […]

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