who’s Solah?

Solah Nightstar Passion and Purpose Life Coach

Solah Nightstar M.Div.

your guide to the potential that resides inside


Metaphysician, Healer, Artist & Empowerment Coach Solah Nightstar is highly passionate about the evolution of the human spirit and the purpose and potential of humankind.

The vision Solah holds for our collective evolution is one where we live and thrive within a world full of happy and deeply fulfilled people. She sees living a passionate and heart-based life as the key to resolving many of the issues we’re currently facing as a planet, thereby bringing us back into balance and harmony.

Whatever Solah is up to, she can always be found following her heart. Trained as a Certified Life Coach and an Ordained Metaphysical Reverend with a Masters degree in Metaphysics, her work is to help others discover how much power they have to follow their own heart’s callings and then to support them on that path.

Solah’s career journey began at the age of 19 when she decided to become an award winning Special Effects Makeup Artist, inspiring children into more of their own majick via the creation of kooky characters. This path allowed her to act from a deep sense of purpose and direction for the next 10 years.

At the age of 29 Solah felt her values begin to shift towards health, balance and environmental sustainability. In order to retain her alignment with self, Solah then began to shift her work to reflect these values.

From here, a five year exploration began with the discovery of a real passion for small heart-based entrepreneurship as a vehicle for social change.

Part of this process involved partnering with a like-minded entrepreneur to explore and develop a unique business relationship building/marketing tool for small business owners.

From there, Solah went on to develop an environmentally friendly product fund-raising company for non-profits which incorporated education on responsible consumer choices to affect positive change.

In loving partnership, she helped facilitate an artist-in-residency with over 200 elementary school students exploring sustainability issues and their hopes, wishes and dreams for the future of our planet. Within this partnership, she also made the move to a unique live/work residence for professional artists and, among other things, created a small retail business that sold inspirational stickers.

While supporting the forward movement of her bigger plans, Solah successfully created and operated a small, innovative hairstyling business for the last 20 years which provided the opportunity to hire and train a team of 10 artists to help her produce thousands of hair pieces for a world renowned circus show.

To date, her diverse work experience spans many industries such as TV and film, sales and marketing (including retail, B2B, direct sales and digital), the arts, production, health and wellness, construction, hospitality, human resources and the beauty industry. Along the way, she’s worked with artists, healers, scientists, activists, retirees, the homeless, students, entrepreneurs and more.

In 2012, while releasing a book chapter she had written for the Adventures in Manifesting series on living with Passion & Purpose, and sharing some of the majickal adventures that had been her happy life, she experienced what often happens to lightworkers before they share their gifts… a health crisis. After a nine year healing journey of trying about 60 different holistic approaches to wellness, her prayers were answered in 2021 and her vitality was restored.

The tools and knowledge Solah gained on that alchemical path are now being shared with others in the form of tuning fork healings, redox molecules and crystal jewelry, adding to her large array of offerings that bring each being into greater spiritual alignment of self.


Her coaching focus is twofold;

  1. a) helping those who have not yet discovered their purpose to find it, and
  2. b) helping those who know what their purpose is, get their big ideas off the ground.

If you’re ready to create Positively Purposeful change, Solah will meet you exactly where you’re at and help bring you to the next level of empowered action.

She’s here to help you release blockages and to clarify and achieve your goals. She offers a wealth of tools along the way to make your journey more joyous & easeful. She can adorn you in healing crystal jewelry, officiate your wedding, help you physically heal your ailments and if you desire it to be so, help get you set up with your own beloved small business.

Whatever form it may take, Solah is here to support your every step in realizing a deeply fulfilling and passionate life.


Solah can be reached at 1.778.868.6245 or emailed directly here.