Changemaker Interview with Glencora Twigg of Twigg & Hottie

Changemakers from Twigg & Hottie

Glencora Twigg with her business partners Jessica and Christine

Glencora Twigg runs a super sweet clothing shop on Main St. in Vancouver, BC.

One of the reasons I so love her shop Twigg & Hottie, is that it’s one of the only places Vancouverites can find ethically made, locally designed clothing that’s stylish enough for professionals to wear to work!

I’d love to see this city fill up with small businesses that provide sustainable and local wears. Let’s support our the artists, artisans, and designers among us while building a more beautiful and environmentally sustainable world.

Glencora and her partners Jessica Vaira and Christine Hotton have not only owned and managed their successful store in Vancouver for 12 years but also design their own label called We3.

We checked in with Glencora this winter to see what this creative and positively purposeful entrepreneur was up to. Here’s what she had to share…


How did you get started with this and what did the transition from what you were doing previously to this look like?

I took myself back to school where I met my 2 business partners and we jumped into business while still in design school. The transition came very seamlessly but there was still a ton of work to it.

How did you decide upon your partnership?

We became friends in September and were in business together by December. It was a leap of faith rather than a decision. 11 years later and we’re still good friends and successful entrepreneurs.

What do you think the most important thing to consider before partnering with others in business is?

I don’t know that I have wisdom in that area but with all my relationships I say listen careful to your gut, make sure to serve yourself first or your won’t get served and that that will lead to a healthy union if you advocated healthfully for yourself and listen carefully to others you are in partnership with. Having an idea that you share the same work ethic is important so no one ends up being a burden to you – or vice versa.

What are the greatest rewards of your work?

Meeting my customers face to face and seeing them light up in my designs.

What are your biggest challenges in regards to your work?

Biggest challenge: making enough money

Biggest reward: being the architect and builder or an enterprise

What do you do when times get tough?

When the times get tough the tough get going.

Work harder. Cry a little. Learn a lesson and move on quickly. Don’t waste time dwelling.

What are the three biggest changes you would like to see in the world around you?

I’d like to see Vancouver return to be an affordable place for regular people to live.

I’d like to see biodegradable packaging be legislated

I’d like to see more socially/environmentally conscious business innovate good products that people want to buy so we can take over the world

I’d like to see solar energy adopted globally

I’d like to see the end of war

just little things 🙂

What have you been doing to implement these changes?

I established and run a socially responsible business.

I work on a fair trade capacity with people in Sierra Leone to source fabric, arts&crafts, beads, blankets and clothing

I travel and take my peaceful energy with me and have moving conversations with people that broaden all of our minds

What are the 3 most powerful personal changes you’ve made?

Becoming a mother and seeing the world and my life through a whole new paradigm because of that responsibility

I adopted yoga after I quit my sport that led me to a whole new way to care for myself physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally – and built amazing friendships along the way

Returning to school to do my post-baccalaureate diploma in technical design has opened many doors and given me a new mentor

What does your most recent project look like?

We are getting out FW 15 We3 Designs collection together – samples are in, catalogue is shot, linesheets and costings are in the works. It’s one of our best collections yet and I really proud of the pieces and the overall looks of the groupings.

What are you most proud of in your life?

Being a mom.

What else would you like to share?

nothing and everything. please feel free to come to me directly if you’re more curious about me and my work. I love to share and build bridges.

If you’d like to take the lovely Glencora up on her offer to share and build bridges, you can find her here:

Twigg & Hottie
3671 Main  Street
Vancouver, BC, V5V 3N6
(604) 879-8595