The Passion Test for Stagette & Bachelorette Parties


Looking for a fun way to spend a few hours with the ladies that doesn’t involve humiliation, hang-overs and cheap party tricks?

How about getting together to really celebrate love?

How about a truly memorable, heart centered event that everyone can enjoy and walk away enriched by the experience?

That’s exactly what you’ll get by hosting The Passion Test workshop for your stagette!

The Passion Test for Stagette & Bachelorette parties in Vancouver


What is The Passion Test?

It’s a process that takes you inward to discover what your heart is truly calling out for. It then gives you the tools you need to immediately begin manifesting more magic and passion into every area of your life.

The bride-to-be may have found her soul mate, but what if she could use her bachelorette party to supercharge the life she’ll live after the wedding? What if all of the women who love her and choose to celebrate this day with her could also get more clear on what a passionate life looks like for them? What if everyone could spend a few hours together using a powerful process to identify what their ideal life looks like and learn how to bring it about?

This workshop is valuable and enjoyable for adults of all ages and perfect for the discerning bride, maid of honor and bridesmaids who desire to create a positive and purposeful experience for everyone involved. It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s sure to be a memorable and heart warming experience for your group.


In case you’re wondering…

The Passion Test is not a test you can fail and doesn’t involve sexy toys!

Created by Chris and Janet Attwood and based on the best selling book  called The Passion Test, I’ve been trained and certified by them to facilitate this workshop for you.


Here’s what we’ll do together…

  • Learn how to bypass the mind to hear what your heart really wants
  • Get crystal clear on the things that are most important to you right now
  • Discover the simple formula to align your life with your heart’s callings so that you can begin living passionately right away
  • Implement the one secret that will guarantee you a passionate life!
Don’t be surprised if you hear your friends tell you,
“That stagette party transformed my life!”


Here’s why I want to bring The Passion Test to your stagette…

Before becoming a Life Coach, Manifestation Mentor and Passion Test Facilitator, I worked as a professional Makeup Artist. Some of my favorite moments during that career happened during my work in an Aveda salon and spa, doing bridal makeup. I loved working with women who were moments away from realizing some of their biggest dreams and I cherished the process of helping them bring out more of their natural beauty in preparation for this momentus occasion.

In keeping  my purpose, The Passion Test is another way I help bring the love and beauty within us, out into the world.

Weddings are all about dreams coming true, so it only makes sense to keep that theme going during the pre-wedding celebrations.

The Passion Test is perfectly suited to compliment major life transitions and a unique way to spend time with those you love. If you would like to create lasting memories and experience lasting long-term benefits, I highly recommend booking The Passion Test for your stagette.  I would be honored to share this work with your group.


Here’s what you need to do to make it happen…

Decide on  a space to host the workshop. This could be a living room, hotel room, conference room, private room of a restaurant, yoga studio or a garden. Anywhere that’s quiet and we can gather undisturbed for 3 hours to do this sacred work. We’ll need enough space for everyone to gather and sit comfortably, for me to present from the front of the space and enough room to break out into partners and take each other through the process.

Get in touch to arrange booking  for your event. We’ll discuss your venue idea to ensure it’s suitable and get you your event on the calendar. From there, I’ll bring everything we need for a great workshop, to your chosen space.

Read about the awesome experiences my clients have had

with The Passion Test here


$250 for up to 8 people
$350 for 9-16 people


A non-refundable deposit of $100 due at time of booking.  The deposit will go towards to your event with the remainder due on the day of your workshop.


These prices reflect workshops facilitated in locations within Greater Vancouver. If you would like to book a workshop outside of Vancouver, get in touch and we’ll see what we can work out.



Fine details for fine experiences…

This workshop is best done with mind/body/spirit fully present and for this reason, it is best as a non alcoholic event. However, if you choose to have a glass of champagne or wine during the last hour of the 3 hour workshop, and can continue to stay present and focused on the workshop, that’s absolutely okay.

This is an ideal event for brides and bridal parties who practice conscious awareness in their lives or those who enjoy activities such as yoga and would like to celebrate in a sacred and meaningful way. It’s also great for pregnant brides and those who choose not to have their celebrations revolve around alcohol.

Oh, and should you wish to involve men at this party, they are absolutely welcome!

I look forwards to discussing how we can bring The Passion Test to your event!


Ask me about add-ons to the workshop including personalized astrological birth charts and interpretive reports for each person in the group. Samples may be seen here and I’m happy to offer group discounts for these reports.