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on choice and symbology

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In my previous blog entitled “the meaning of…” we looked at ways we go about choosing the information that feels right for us and then using that information to write the story of our lives. When writing, authors love to use archetypes and symbols to help design characters and shape stories. One reason for this […]

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the hummingbird visits

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Being positive doesn’t mean we’re flashing big cheesy smiles 24/7. Being positive is about being real. It’s about being human. It’s about maintaining an underlying core belief that everything, EVERYTHING that is happening is somehow in our favor. KNOWING that there are gifts in every moment and actively participating in the journey with it’s highs […]

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are you purposeful?

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Do you feel that you are simply existing, or do you feel that you are being purposeful? Someone who feels that they are simply existing may find themselves wondering from time to time what the meaning of it all is? They may be often bored or looking for ways to ‘kill time’. Perhaps they find […]

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