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The only meaning anything has is that which we attach to it. This empowering statement is found among a handful of channeled teachings. To understand how we can utilize this piece of wisdom, let’s look at some ways this statement could translate into action in one’s life.

Firstly, let’s be clear that the meaning attached to something is only a meaning because it is agreed upon by an individual or a group of people.

When a group of people all place their belief in a certain thing it builds up an energetic field around that thing. This field then reflects back to those people all the energy they fed into it, thereby strengthening their belief in the ‘realness’ of that thing which in turn reenforces the thing’s field. When we realize how this energy is working, we’re then able to step more fully into the freedom of choice. Just because someone says that something means something, doesn’t mean it needs to be true for us. We don’t have to ‘buy in’.

A doctor may tell us that we have such-and-such dis-ease and that based on the history of others with this dis-ease it is believed that we have about 1 year to live. We may go home, immerse our self in the story we’ve been told and live out our short days from that place. We may also choose to add another belief of our own creation that we’re being punished for something we did in the past, just’ to spice’ up this story and make our lives even more interesting.

Or, we can go about this occurrence at the doctors office in a multitude of other ways. Let’s look at one possibility together and pretend that ‘Sally’ had just received this same news from the doctor we spoke of earlier.

Sally goes home and starts by checking in with her intuition and personal feelings about the information she was given by the doctor. In doing this, Sally discovers a voice within that tells her that this information doesn’t feel right for her. She then decides that she created this experience as an opportunity to really start living. By investigating her feelings surrounding this situation Sally comes to the conclusion that she hadn’t been fully loving herself and that she’s now ready to support her mind, body and spirit. She then signs up for some yoga classes, dusts off some personal development books she purchased years ago but never read, enlists the help of a professional trained in helping her plumb the depth of her beliefs and emotions, and begins a juice cleanse. She begins her cleanse along with a daily mediation practice where time is spent envisioning her cells beginning to work efficiently again. How does Sally end her story? She reverses the ‘incurable’ dis-ease and the death sentence prescribed by her doctor and goes on to live a long, healthy, happy and empowered life.

Does this sound like fiction to you? Well, diagnosis’ and decisions like the ones Sally made happen all the time and it’s the option that most people who know they’re creating their realty, choose to take.

You see… we’re the author of our own stories. Is your spirit choosing to live a great adventure, a drama, a comedy or a horror? Is what you’re experiencing difficult or easy? Are you getting stronger or getting weaker? Is something totally amazing about to happen or something you believe will totally suck?

The molecules that shape our lives are constantly re-arranging themselves based on what we choose to believe and how we choose to write our story. From all of the ‘information’ and ‘facts’ out there, it’s up to us to choose which pieces we want to add to our story. So if you’re wondering “What is the meaning of…”, do this first.  Before ‘buying in’ to the most commonly held beliefs about what things mean, go ahead and ask yourself… What information is most beneficial to your spirit now and what do you choose to do with that information?


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