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Welcome to the new shop and the launch of my jewelry!!!


Majickal handcrafted copper and crystal jewelry & metaphysical tools for lightworkers, changemakers, sensitives, empaths and those that are ready to SHINE!

One of a kind pieces, featuring semi-precious, raw, natural stones and healing crystals.

Each piece is hand sculpted, unique and fully embraces the imperfections.

Inspired by ancient and rustic relics. 

Created as high vibrational medicine. 

Smudged and tuned to 528 Hz. – the love frequency. 

Celebrate your inner Goddess. 

Heal your inner healer. 

It’s time to shine.

With love… Solah 

If there is a product you want that isn’t currently available or you’re inspired to check in about a custom order, I’d love to hear from you!

Email me about stones to suit birth months, custom letter stamping, chakra jewelry or creations to suit special use purposes. Crystals for healing, grounding, charging, clearing, protecting and moving forward powerfully!

There will be new pieces bubbling up from the kiln on occasion so make sure you’re following me on Instagram and Facebook to see what’s happening.

Getting yourself onto the email list is the best plan if you’d like to be in on any special offerings. 

Gift cards are available in any denomination so you’re welcome to treat yourself or a loved one that way!!!


about copper

Copper caries the energy of vitality, good luck and self love. 

It helps conduct electrical impulses and magnifies the energy of the crystals.

It stimulates optimism and independence. 

Copper h
elps release restrictions and bring awareness to the barriers to development so that they may be transmuted. 

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