what clients are saying

Here’s what folks have experienced after working with Solah

with The Passion Test:

“It was amazing how quickly it had an impact on my life.

One of my passions which I was not doing and hadn’t done for a while was surfing/swimming. To my amazement, 3 days after this Passion Test process, out of the blue, I was offered a free surfing trip to anywhere I wanted to go in the world! I had to pinch myself, but it was all legit and real.

Since the Passion Test, I have noticed every part of my life has been positively affected by it. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in finding out their true passions.”

Greg B.


I am filing up with so much love for what I do and for the people around me that I sometimes have a hard time not exploding 🙂 . Life is throwing me so many gifts. I can’t thank you enough for the path you have set me on. Things are moving at such an incredible speed for my career. You will always be one of the names that comes out my mouth when someone asks “How are you such a Phenomenal and Successful Photographer??”

Dee G.


“I loved the whole process of the Passion Test with Solah. The process is simple and well explained and there is a lot of assistance, by internet or Solah herself, available. Very helpful and understanding and pointed me in the right direction when needed.

It is hitting a spot that needs addressing in my life right now. Happiness in looking back at what I have experienced helps me to happiness to look forward to!!! I see this experience having a super positive impact on my life and already I have acted out in positive ways. I am happier just knowing that I can be someone I want to be and go where I want to go. I would recommend this to anyone looking for positive steps to a positive, happier life. One where you live your passions everyday!!!!”

Jim P.


“For weeks now the realizations have helped me navigate with more clarity than ever before. It has helped me to release everyone from any of my own expectations, wants, desires… and needs, and allow them to just fill their own life path. This has helped me realize exactly what I have in my life, and also what I feel is missing. This also allows the space for the right people to arrive… I will continue to do this work, and thrive in this vibrant reality to the best of my abilities.”

Erin Sage


“I am amazed at how quickly manifestation is coming about in my life since getting clear on my hearts desire. I am coming into more and more clarity about what my purpose is here on Earth. We are such powerful beings.”

Seth N.


“Words can barely express the shared heart connections and profound heart openings that were created when we last spoke from our passion test magic. ♥ ♥ Incredible!! What a gift. I’m so excited for this magic portal that has been created. Again… Thank U!

As well for all of you out there who are looking to connect to a deeper understanding and appreciation of your passions from a deeply inspired sister… please connect to your heart and your desired dreams with this amazing woman! You won’t regret a single moment ever again! ♥ ♥ “

Dyanna B.



I thought I knew my top five passions and loved discovering what they really were, as opposed to thinking I knew what they were. Not only a wonderful experience, it really draws in results! I experienced changes that night!!

The workshop has aided me in building happy, healthy, productive relationships with positive people. That night I met a really, sweet fellow. (Even though it wasn’t in my top five). Two days later, I was offered a brand new suite at a great deal, for me and my girls!! And a week later, I received a scholarship to the school I’m passionate about attending!! (The Insight Yoga Institute in California, Number 5 on my list)

This workshop brings you closer to center! I am receiving recognition in my community with regards to my occupation, affirming my ability to affect positive change.


Mouon B.

“At the time of this exercise, I had just left a stressful job which was misaligned with my family life. We did the Passion Test and Solah helped me to select five things that sounded ideal and dreamy but not realistic at the time.

(A few months later) I let my spirit guides know that I was ready for my next assignment. I asked for direction. A few days later, I received a message (from them).

The next day, a woman approached me with an unexpected job offer. This job meets every single item on my passion test to a T. Not only that, but there were a few other items on the list that didn’t make the top five. For example, “connect people to nature and themselves.” I feel incredibly privileged to be chosen to introduce 3 to 5-year-old humans to nature in a way that will embed a visceral/sensory context for the rest of their lives.

It blows my mind that I can have everything I asked for and also feel fulfilled and connected at the same time. It feels delicious to step into this new part of my life knowing that it is wholly aligned with my truest purpose, my chosen lifestyle, AND my personal passions.

Thank you for guiding me, Solah.

With love and gratitude,

Sarah S.”


 on their experiences with Solah’s coaching sessions:

“I started coaching with Solah at a time when I felt very overwhelmed and frozen about how to move forward with my life. I had started my own small business doing Massage and became stuck in the feeling of responsibility and work 24/7 just to keep up. Solah’s upbeat and naturally fun demeanor reminded me of my true essence and with clear and powerful organizational tools and goal setting, I was feeling like a whole new woman after just a few sessions and my ‘work’ quickly returned to my JOY!

Solah’s highly intuitive nature is very helpful when I am unsure of where I want to direct the path of my coaching sessions as she always knows the perfect questions to help me locate my blockages as well as strengths. Her ability to deeply listen to my often overwhelming list of dreams, ideas, plans and projects and magically find a way to summarize and help me organize my mind is an incredible gift and blessing in my life. I am so grateful for Solah’s dedication to work with Change-Makers as I personally always feel an incredible surge of passion and commitment to my higher path of service after each session. Knowing how many others are being inspired by her work makes me feel that much better having had Solah as my coach!”

Samantha H.


I have these massive lists of things I want to achieve in my life, with more ideas coming from all directions all the time. It gets so crazy trying to keep track of all the ideas and plans, and it’s hard trying to manage all the demands I put upon myself. Speaking with you helped me to just STOP for a moment, as if everything stopped zooming about and whirling all around me for a moment. And then concentrate on where I want to be in the future, and which out of all these great ideas were the ones that were going to help me to get there. I was able to pluck them out of the crowd. That felt really good knowing I had actually made a considered decision about moving forward, not just pressed GO again and continued struggling to just keep my head above the tide of getting shit done. It also helped me give myself permission to let some things go without the normal guilt of feeling like I had somehow failed for never getting to cross that thing off the list. The big crazy lists still remain, but I feel better equipped to pick and choose, and more relaxed about maybe not getting round to some of those things for a while, if ever.

Really helped me learn more about helping myself. An incredibly positive, revitalizing and empowering experience, and has equipped me with the tools to better help myself in the future.”

Joanna G.

“Sometimes I feel afraid because going after your dreams means uncovering some patterns that keep you stuck, but Solah helps you discover what it IS that you are dreaming of and how to clarify it into something solid and reachable. She has just the right amount of inspiration as well as accountability. Solah helped me to uncover a dream of mine, to go traveling and make yoga videos with some amazing teachers. With her guidance and support I was able to uncover this dream and make it a reality! Solah helped me to realize that it wasn’t just a dream and helped me to think about it in ways that I never would have without her help. Even if you don’t know exactly what you want in your life, Solah can help you find it. I would suggest talking to her any time.”

Xandra G.


“My life coaching session with solah provided me with invaluable insight, a clearer sense of direction and some definite timelines that have been instrumental in helping me find my next career path. Her positivity gave me the courage to leap from a career that no longer made me happy into one that challenges and inspires me!

Thank you solah!”

     …… and a few months after our time together….

“You were right when you said that the wildest things in our imagination can come true, we just need to believe it.

I have spent the last several months really examining not only the things we had talked about in our life coaching session, but a whole series of offshoots that have sprung up from it, and what a process! not only have I learned a lot more about how I want to be spreading my energy on a day to day basis, I have also been learning so much about myself while digging deep into the sources of my energy, and why i’ve been using it the way I have. It’s been an eye-opening and amazing few months. Thanks so much for helping to jump-start that
process for me!”

Woodrow R.


Sitting down with you was a great experience. I left with my mind feeling very focused and it has carried on through my day to day obstacles. I thought that you did a really good job at keeping me on track.

There is defiantly something to be said for sitting down with someone who is actively listening and is there to work it out WITH you rather than just telling you what they think you should do. I thoroughly enjoyed the session with you.”



“Thanks for the coaching session, Solah!! Holy moo cow, did my productivity ever go up!! You really, really, REALLY helped! More people could use your services.”

Erin Siori


“I had been sporadically painting for most of my life. Over the past several years I have increased my production quite a lot but have always experienced difficulty charging appropriately for my work and this was the primary reason for me seeking out a session with Solah. Secondarily, it was to see if her coaching could help me feel good about and improve my ability to earn money with my art work thereby making it possibly my primary income source.

I would highly recommend participation in these sessions to anyone who has had an issue that they feel ” stuck” on or a dream or a passion you would like realized but haven’t found a way to do so. I felt very comfortable in the process and was surprised at how confident I was answering questions about myself that before felt unanswerable. I feel so fortunate I took part in such a helpful guiding session.”

Pamela S.

“I felt I needed someone to assist in my vast amount of confusion and choices of work/ life balance and dilemmas.  I posted a call to facebook friends and received an overwhelming response.  I decided to talk further with Solah as I appreciated her approach and professionalism to my matters. Not just that but what was said would be done, was done and extremely punctually and creatively.  Totally awesome! Thanks!”
Anonymous Client