Adventures in Manifesting

Adventures in Manifesting Passion and Purpose

What does a life lived with passion and purpose look like?

How do we go about finding our purpose?

How would we be living if…

…we could spend each day doing what we feel most compelled to do?

…we could remember what we came to earth to do?


The answers to these universal questions can be found in the pages of this book. These are the stories of people whom have found answers. By reading this book, their answers could become your answers. Their stories inspiring your story.

I’m honoured to be a co-author of this book alongside other experts in the passion and purpose field. There are chapter contributions by such personalities as Bob Doyle who was featured in the movie “The Secret” and Janet Bray Attwood, creator of The Passion Test.

In my chapter I share my journey of how I came to discover my purpose and passion and how I’ve come to manifest some of the most amazing happenings in my life.

This book is a voyage into deep inspiration, awe and the magnificence and resilience of the human spirit. There’s something here that will resonate with everyone.

I invite you to pick up one for yourself and a few for those you love. Then you’ll be able to talk about the book with others and to start implementing the inspiration you pick up from the stories. Just remember… when the majick starts to show up for you please write me and let me know how fun things are getting!

Come along with us on our Adventures in Manifesting. You’ll be in great company.

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