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In my previous blog entitled “the meaning of…” we looked at ways we go about choosing the information that feels right for us and then using that information to write the story of our lives.

When writing, authors love to use archetypes and symbols to help design characters and shape stories. One reason for this is that archetypes and symbols, which have existed for eons, invoke energies which are imprinted in our collective psyche. These energies are magnified according to the amount of people that have linked similar beliefs to that particular symbol.

When acting as conscious creators of our own lives, we too can work with symbology in order to enhance and deepen our learning and growth. Spirit often communicates with us via signs and symbols and many who tune into these clues find it enriches the journey of one’s life making it more fun, interesting and rewarding.

Each person will interpret symbols in slightly different ways based on their history and what they need to gain from the present experience. What’s important to remember is that as the writer of our own stories, how we interpret each sign or symbol is up to us.

To illustrate how this works, let’s imagine for a moment that you are walking through the forest and come upon a lifeless squirrel. Perhaps this encounter feels significant for you and causes you to reflect on what it might mean. Upon getting home and looking it up, you might then discover that the squirrel is commonly associated with it’s hard working ability to gather and store food for the winter. Perhaps you then interpret your encounter as a sign that it’s time to stop saving up for a rainy day and to spend some of your savings on a trip you’ve always dreamed about taking.

On another day and under different circumstances, you may have interpreted this deceased squirrel as a reminder to get your affairs in order or as a warning to drive more carefully on your way home.

Sometimes when researching the meaning of a symbol experienced in waking or sleeping life, we find that there are multiple meanings for one symbol, spanning many different cultures. When doing this research or reflecting on what the symbol might mean, the easiest and most effective way to decipher the message is to stay open to the meaning that resonates most with you. You can sense this resonance through your ‘feeling’ or ‘knowing’ senses. From there, you’ll be able to take the information and apply it to your story.

By trusting our inner knowings and feelings and taking the time to listen and act on the messages we’re being given, we become better equipped to discover and create our own Positively Purposeful paths.

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