defining success

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Success. The World English Dictionary defines this word as: the favourable outcome of something attempted or the accomplishment of desired end.

The root of this word success is from the word successor, meaning one who comes after.

Recently posed the question on Twitter, ”What is your definition of success?”

This question intrigued me and as a life coach it was something that I definitely wanted to ensure I had a clear definition of. I responded to this question with the words “To me, success is a momentary resting place in a feeling of inner fulfillment… before reaching our aspirations a little further.” Coincidentally, this entry used the exact amount of characters allowed in a tweet. I considered that a successful contribution to the conversation.

Far too often, we humans have the tendency to continually reach for the stars without stopping to appreciate what we have accomplished or where we’re at. This naturally leads to a “grass is always greener on the other side” type of syndrome and keeps us away from the feelings which really make life worthwhile.

Feelings of loving and appreciating ourselves and of loving and appreciating the circumstances we find ourselves in, are to be fostered. Not stopping regularly to recognize our small successes, keeps us in a state of criticality and of continuous striving for something other than what is. On the other hand, taking time to be appreciative of what we’ve achieved  and acknowledging and celebrating our wins, subconsciously programs us to move towards more of these favourable feelings.

There is a balance to be found in our definition and application of success and I believe that the ultimate balance and definition is just a little different for each person. What’s important is that we define and work towards our own version of success, not someone else’s interpretation of it. To attempt to achieve another persons idea of success will likely feel like an illusive goal. After much stress and strain, we might hit their target, but it’s highly unlikely the satisfaction level or the longevity of the feeling will be as intense as if we had reached for our own definition.

What does success mean to you? What small goal or milestone have you achieved recently that you have not yet taken the time out to celebrate? What could you do to celebrate it now?

This acknowledgement and celebration could take the form of patting ourselves on the back (literally – take your hand, reach around to your back and tell yourself “good work”) or enjoying a treat… or taking a day off to play.

The possibilities for the recognition and celebration of success are as infinite as our potential.

Solah Nightstar works as an Empowerment Coach and Manifestation Mentor helping Changemakers create the world they wish to see.

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