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In the ever evolving flow of change and progression… I’ve experienced another big shift in my life.

After 2 beautiful years of living in White Rock where I’ve loved walking to the beach, the abundance of sunshine and the floral infused fresh ocean breeze, it’s time to move on. We’re saying goodbye to this calm and friendly town filled with retirees, energy workers and wealthy professionals, many of whom commute about 1 hour into Vancouver for work each day.

Until White Rock, commuting was something my love, Erin and I had successfully avoided, preferring to do our work just a few short steps from where we live and play. In exchange for this sweet, beach town condo, while I’ve been working from home, Erin a screen printer by trade, was doing a lot of commuting. His multi-endevoured adventures as an artist and entrepreneur were causing him too many lost hours behind the wheel resulting in little sleep and little time together.

So we decided to create something better.

Ultimately, our vision is to build a home out of recycled materials, in the woods where we can live and work closely connected with mother nature. Growing much of our own food, screen printing, sculpting and helping others live their dreams from this peaceful oasis are key parts of our vision. There’s more to it… but I’ll save those details for another time.

It’s pretty difficult to collect building materials when you live in a condo, so we decided to find a home to rent that we could both work from while collecting re-purposeful goodies we see on craigslist and preparing to purchase our dream land.

After a few months of searching, we found something that seemed to suit our needs. A home that could fit our belongings with space for my office, an outbuilding with power that could be converted to a screen printing shop for Erin, space to store some building supplies and to grow some food. At first, I wasn’t 100% sure it was “the place” and so, when opportunities arise that I’m not sure about, I employed the old ‘put it in the hands of spirit’ strategy.

“Spirit,” I said, “knowing our big goals of building our own home and all that we’re up to on our mission to make the world a better place, if this rental home will serve the highest good of all that is, please open the doors to this opportunity. If this home will not serve the highest good of all involved, please direct us to that place that will.” After a seemingly long wait for the renovations on this rental home to be complete, we were granted a lease for this little house.

Moving to a farming community with the end of summer fast approaching, we were eager to get some food growing. The very first thing we did was to build some raised garden beds out of recycled pallets and to put in a winter vegetable garden. In order to maximize on the last bit of the summer warmth, we built the garden even before moving in our furniture.

After all these years behind the computer, this year my body had been deeply yearning for some time on the earth. I’ve happily spent the last 3 weeks pushing the wheel barrow, shoveling soil, clearing out a compost space, moving cement blocks, moving around boxes, cleaning and traipsing around like a happy fool in my rubber boots and overalls. Now that my soul is feeling refreshed and renewed, it’s time to settle down in my new office, or more likely the cute vintage kitchen table we found and placed by the big sliding door out to our backyard paradise.

Like everything, living here will be a lesson in balance. Finding the right amount of time working on the computer and phone and in the garden. Finding the right amount of investment into living here now and saving up for our dream home. Discovering how to peacefully co-exist with all of nature’s creations, even the ones that show up and eat the food we were hoping to eat, sting us, bite us or climb into areas of our home that we had intended to keep private. So far, the relationships have all been amicable.

One of my favorite things we’ve witnessed in our new space is the vibrational change that’s taken place since we’ve been here. On our first few days of cleaning out left behind trash and building the new garden beds, I remarked on the distinct lack of birds and other creatures in the backyard. Aside from the squirrel that was busy harvesting the walnut tree, our acreage felt strangely barren. After about 10 days of being here, just after the furniture arrived and the garden was beginning to come together, I was outside working when I felt a sudden shift in the vibration of the space. The raise in frequency happened right after I planted the strawberry plants in the ground at the fence line as an offering to the neighbors or bunnies or whomever was interested. I had also just planted a passion flower vine to grow up the outside of one of the old buildings. Right after I did this, everything felt good. About 5 minutes after noticing this shift, I looked up to see a healthy looking raccoon cruising around and checking things out. A moment later a woodpecker perched on the planter outside my window. While I was speaking with the woodpecker a bunny showed up and hung out for 8 hours, right outside the kitchen window! From there all sorts of birds and creatures began to appear. Eagle, raven, songbirds and a choir of frogs and yesterday… an owl!

And there’s another really cool thing that’s happening…

We’re watching as everything we’ve envisioned for the future is coming to life now. Even before we purchase our dream property.

We’ve been imagining growing our own food and our first day in the new place we harvested wild blackberries and collected a big bowl of apples from the 3 apple trees on the property. We then baked warm apple blackberry pies with vegan coconut ice cream to feed our first guest. Since then, I’ve made 2 apple crumbles and have already begun topping sandwiches and soups with radish green sprouts and adding dandelion greens to fresh made basil pesto.

Each morning begins with dewy-toed wanders across the back part of the land to collect freshly fallen apples, while greeting the birds, bees and other creatures and saying hello to the veggie garden sprouts.

You know you’re in the flow when everything you need just shows up, and we’ve certainly been experiencing that. The blessing in having to clean up the property from the last tenants has been that they’ve left behind a host of things we’ve been able to use. I’ve found a big corner desk for my new office as well as huge filling cabinets complete with 100’s of new purple file folders. We’ve turned old book shelves into raised herb gardens safe from the bunny’s and moles. There are garden trellises, a wheel barrow and irrigation hoses here too. To launch us even further into the dream, I’ve been offered a potters wheel, a welcome addition to my love of working with clay and the pottery studio I plan to have.

I’m sharing all of this with you as a reminder that part of being a great manifestor is to recognize and appreciate your dreams as they appear in the now. It creates a positive cycle, the more we recognize, the more cool things show up.

Part of human nature is to be always striving for more…and that’s how we grow. It’s important though, to find a balance in this striving with a sense of appreciation for what is and a knowing that all that you desire already exists. Often we just can’t quite yet see it.

I invite you to look closer by asking yourself… In what ways are your dreams for the future already present in your life?

Now let’s do a happy dance and give thanks.

Solah Nightstar works as an Empowerment Coach and Manifestation Mentor helping Changemakers create the world they wish to see.

solah – who has written posts on Positively Purposeful.

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