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The other day, I was listening to a talk where the speaker mentioned ‘earthing’ technologies and the benefits of spending time in our bare feet connecting with the ground.

As electromagnetic beings living in modern society, we’ve really separated ourselves from nature. We wear shoes all day and work/live in highrises or on cement foundations. Most of us rarely spend time with our hands or feet in the soil. This disconnection with the earth affects our energy field and can cause suffering in many ways. We may feel spacey or ungrounded, forgetful and have a difficult time concentrating. We may be over-eating, have muscle tension, anxiety, stress, anger, difficulty getting a good night’s sleep or experience a whole host of other related symptoms.

Connecting with the earth each day helps us clear away many of the physical, emotional and energetic stresses and tensions we pick up in our day to day existence. When we connect with the earth, these unwanted energies are sent into the ground where they can be purified and transformed. Mother Earth also helps relieve us of the electromagnetic smog in our energy fields from all of the electrical devices surrounding us.

When connecting with the earth, we not only drain away the energies we don’t want, but also pick up the healthy, clean, refreshing energy through our feet. This rejuvinating energy is then distributed throughout our entire being.

Hearing this talk reminded me of my previous idea to plant some grass under my work desk so that I could feel more connected with nature during my long days of working indoors on my computer.

It also inspired me to take my idea a step further and to connect my plot of grass with the real outdoors via a metal wire. Connecting this plot of grass with a conductive metal that runs outside and is ‘plugged into’ the earth about a foot down, allows unwanted energies in my body to be transferred to mother nature where it can be cleansed and transformed. It also allows fresh, clean energy and negative ions to be transferred from the earth, into my body.

In essence, I’ve created a simple human battery.

The benefits I’m experiencing from this device are remarkable. They include a sense of calm, rooted energy that allows me to focus on my task with minimal distractions. A cooling and refreshing feeling that keeps my mind sharp, balanced and peaceful. Less food cravings and a better sense of oneness and connection with all that is. I also feel that I’m sitting taller and energy is better able to run through my entire being in a more fluid way.

Want to build your own grassy grounding device?

I made mine using items I had around the house with a few additional purchases. I bet you could easily do the same!

Here’s how I did it…

supplies to make a grassy grounding device

supplies include: dish, wire rack, pliers, wire cutters, thin wire, wire rods, wheatberries, water and soil

I began by looking around my home to see what would work best for me…

I found a Pyrex baking dish and some long metal display hook thingies that I had from another project. You can use what ever base you like for growing your grass, just make sure it’s at least 2 inches deep and wide enough for your feet. I suggest thrift stores as the first place to look when in need of supplies. It’s always kinder to the earth to purchase pre-used items.

Knowing that I needed some thin wire, an item not usually found in a thrift store, I made my way to the dollar store and came across some beading wire and a cookie rack. I chose to use thin beading wire as there are screens on my windows and I wanted something that would fit through the tiny holes and allow the window to firmly close despite the wire running from inside to out.

I then went to the health food store and purchased some wheatberries or hard red wheat so that I could begin sprouting some wheatgrass. I found instructions on how to grow wheatgrass here

I came home with my seeds, grabbed a mason jar (I happened to have a sprouting lid for it too ‘seen in the picture as the green lid’ but not necessary) rinsed and started soaking my wheatberries.

crafting a grounding device for connecting with the earth

Here’s the device before adding soil and seeds. I didn’t end up needing two of the rods shown in the first photo.

crafting a grounding device for connecting with the earth

Here’s the wire rods connected to the cookie cooling wire with some thin metal wire.

Then I went outside and dug up enough soil to fill my Pyrex dish. I placed the wire cookie cooler in my Pyrex dish and attached the metal rods to the cookie cooler with pliers using some of the thin metal wire to ensure the two were firmly connected. I then bent the other end of that firm wire to create a loop where I would later attach the thin wire that runs outside.

I choose to use the cookie cooler so that the metal rack would evenly conduct and carry the energies throughout the device but I think it would work find had I have gone with my original thought in attaching the metal rod and wire to a metal pot scrubber in the corner of the Pyrex dish which would be later covered with soil.

Since the cookie cooler came in a package of two, I attached the rod to the other wire rack with the intention of placing that one under our bed and running it to it’s own grounding rod outside.

I waited a day or two for my wheat to sprout and then poured the soil into the Pyrex dish and placed the rinsed and sprouted wheat on top of the soil.

crafting a grounding device for connecting with the earth

Wheat berries planted into the soil. The small bowl of soil was then sprinkled on top.

It turns out that I could have added lots more wheat to the soil but I ended up eating what I didn’t use for this project and made it into a salad with a yummy creamy hemp seed dressing.

After I had put the wheatberries onto the soil, I pushed them down gently and sprinkled some more soil on top.

I sprayed it all down with a good soaking of water while being mindful that the Pyrex dish I used didn’t have drainage holes and I didn’t want to flood my project.

Thin wire running through window screen to outside.

Thin wire running through window screen to outside.


After about 3 days of letting the grass grow, I was ready to attach the thin metal wire to connect it with the great outdoors.

To do this, I used one of those wire rods I had and used the pliers to create one straight end and one end with a loop. I stuck the straight end down into the earth and I attached one end of the thin wire to this grounded rod. The other end of this thin wire then ran into my window, through my screen and connected with the loop on the rod that is coming from my grassy device. If running wire out your window, always ensure that your window can still firmly lock closed.

Wire rod sticking into earth and connected to thin metal wire for grounding

Wire rod sticking into earth and connected to thin metal wire.








my homemade grounding device!

Here’s the grassy grounding device in action!

And there you have it!

I’m now typing this up with my feet resting comfortably on my grassy grounding device and I feel joy, focus and clarity in sitting at my computer.

Inspired to build one yourself? Let me know how it goes!!!

As a crafty Metaphysician, Solah Nightstar loves helping her clients discover new ways to work with universal energies… enabling them to become more efficient and productive. If you’re a Changemaker with big ideas on how to make the world a better place and could use some support getting those ideas off the ground… get in touch with Solah and she’ll help you make it happen.

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