passion as the road to purpose

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How to Discover your Passions and Live your Purpose

Sometimes we get stuck. Stuck in a problem that doesn’t appear to have a clear solution.

At some point in our life, many of us get stuck on the “What’s my purpose?” question. While slogging through work and sleepless nights this question keeps recurring.

Stuck is not a fun place to be. So let’s look at how to get unstuck, now.

The solution lies in stepping fully into our passion.

As Joseph Campbell said

“Passion will move men beyond themselves, beyond their shortcomings, beyond their failures”.

Here’s how and why passion leads to purpose…

1. When we’re wrapped up in doing something we’re really passionate about, we’re about as far from stuck in the ‘what’s my purpose’ question as we can be. We’re are immersed in a state of joy, doing what we love. This is also known as a state of flow.

2. This high vibrational state of flow then attracts other high vibrational opportunities, people, experiences, insight and ideas to itself. We essentially become a magnet for even more goodness to enter into our lives.

 3. When walking the path of passion, we are collecting experiences that are bringing us closer and closer to the discovery of our purpose. Often we simply need to collect enough of these passionate experiences before we can see how they all weave together into the form of purpose.

Even the seemingly crappy experiences we have in life will find a way to weave themselves into the form our purpose takes. So what Joseph Campbell has referred to as ‘failures’, could more constructively be viewed as hints as to what is and isn’t our purpose.

Alongside those ‘failures’ we also need to collect deeply fulfilling experiences. By acting on our passions, we are creating these high level experiences which are clues to our purpose.

4. When we’re doing what we’re most passionate about, we’re either directly or indirectly blessing the world around us with our passion. These purposeful blessings arise via the form our passion takes. Our passionate gifts may show up as paintings we’ve painted, stories we’ve written, homes we’ve built or hearts we’ve tended to. They may also simply show up as a joy that spreads outward, improving the lives of all others we connect with.


Now that you know how passion leads to purpose, what’s it going to take for you to step more fully into your own passions in order to weave together the picture of your purpose?

The first step lays in getting really clear on what you are most passionate about. This information is stored deep within our hearts.

Learn how to discover and begin living your passions here.

As an Manifestation Mentor and Certified Passion Test Facilitator, Solah Nightstar is your guide to the potential that resides inside.
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