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A few people in my life have been marvelling at what they see as my sense of self discipline in being self-employed. They’ve been wondering how I wake up every morning ready to work without having a JOB to enforce the process. Well here it is people….

First of all, I’m going to admit that I don’t wake up every morning ready to work. Sometimes I need to employ some tricks and techniques to get myself going.

Since I’m a big fan of flow, and am best guided by my feelings, I go with that as much as possible. By recognizing what mental and physical state I’m in, I choose from tasks that best suit my energy. If I have lots of physical energy and it’s difficult to sit at the computer, I’ll get my cleaning done, go get some exercise or organize my workspace. If I’m feeling detail oriented, I’ll choose a work task that will benefit from attention to detail such as bookkeeping. When feeling creative, same deal, I maximize that energy by doing something like working on my newsletter or designing a program for my clients. As long as the important things are getting done, it’s all about paying attention to where I’m at in each moment and then optimizing on that way of being.

Recently I’ve been experimenting with actually categorizing my weekly task list into logistical, creative and physical. This way, after assessing my energy, I choose a task from the area of the list that suits me. It’s kind of a fun and fresh way of looking at my to-dos. Mixing up the process once and a while helps keep things interesting.

Of course, there are going to be times when I’m having a hard time getting down to it, but know that the work really needs to get done. In those moments, sometimes I will actually imagine myself as an employee with a boss standing over me. How would I want someone who was on my payroll to be preforming? Certainly not by staring out the window all day and making snacks every half hour! Just envisioning this, always gives me the nudge I need to get into it!

Far and away though, the biggest and most important factor to what I do is this:

When we’re living our purpose and doing what we love, our work really isn’t work.

It’s what we’ve been put here on the planet to do. If we’re not doing it, life just doesn’t feel as good. If I’m not getting out there and serving people and making a difference, I’m wasting my talents, skills and time here. This is the ultimate motivation. Do I want to do a myriad of other unimportant things, or do I want to make a meaningful contribution to the world in a way that only I can do? Choosing to be Positively Purposeful really is the ultimate in motivation.

What are you on earth to do? And what will it take for you to dedicate yourself to it’s discovery and implementation?

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Solah Nightstar works as an Empowerment Coach and Manifestation Mentor helping Changemakers create the world they wish to see.

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