halloween and the spirit within

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A couple weeks ago, I attended a faerie’s ball costume party. While there, a nice couple commented that I was doing a great job staying in character all night. Their words struck me with the awareness that I wasn’t doing anything to stay in character since my costume was actually an element of myself. I felt for that night that I was the frog, not pretending to be a frog.

Halloween. It’s always been among my very favourite nights of the year. It’s a time to recognize those souls that have passed over and to teeter totter in the place where light and dark intersect. It’s a time when the veils between the worlds are believed to be thinnest.

Halloween is also a time for us to embrace those elements of ourselves that feel a need to be acknowledged.  A time to listen to how  our subconscious wants to express. Does it desire to embody the light or the shadow?

If it’s the shadow side, now is certainly the time. What other opportunities do we have in this North American culture, to freely let our freaky fly? Totem animals, spirit guides, gods and goddesses, historical creatures, cartoons…. What archetype is waiting to dance with you?

By getting in touch with an aspect of self that wants to be expressed we  become more familiar with that aspect and as time goes on, when our learning in that area is complete we just might release ourselves from it for good.

Halloween, an invaluable opportunity to grow as individuals while celebrating spirit and playing together as community. I hope to hip hop you on the dance floor! ribbit

Solah Nightstar works as an Empowerment Coach and Manifestation Mentor helping Changemakers create the world they wish to see.

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