emerging from chaos into our power

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Everything in this universe is dynamic, in constant motion, changing from moment to moment…. including us.

Just as our daily events influence our feelings and moods within our conscious awareness, we have planetary alignments, pushing and pulling, unconsciously influencing our emotions and desires as they move through the sky.

In addition to the constant flux of our daily events and those of the planetary influences, we’re also being affected by the collective consciousness. Presently, this is a field that has been heavily depressed, largely due to a misaligned focus on the bottom line rather than the well being of humanity. Whether via poor leadership, fear-based media or greedy corporations bullying their way along, it’s no wonder we experience feelings of turmoil and instability within our lives.

Within this seemingly chaotic stew, from time to time, we experience loss, fear, attachments, self-abusive behaviours and deviations from loving kindness which often lead to experiences of grief, confusion, misalignment with self and misguided decision making.

The required remedy for all of this begins with deep personal enquiry. It begins with focusing on the core of what is most important to us, with creating a strong foundation from which our truth, beauty and peace may emerge.
We may choose to ask:

How can we move out of this fury of chaos and grief and into alignment with source, the truth of our being, our passion and our power?

How can we clearly determine our ultimate desires?

How can we remain present with our truth once we connect with it?

How can we find balance between doing and being, striving and dreaming?

How can we become present within each moment while basing our decisions and actions on what’s most important to us long term, big picture?

How can we ensure we move in the ‘right’ direction with each step?

How can we stay the course?

How can we best measure our success based on our own definition of it?

The answers to these questions lay within a process called The Passion Test. Through The Passion Test we can access the vortex of our heart wisdom, connecting to our core of truth. We can align and stabilize with clarity and strength. We can stay connected with our truth and establish successful follow through on our biggest dreams.

By utilizing The Passion Test and learning to consciously work with the electromagnetics of our heart’s truest desires we begin to live majickal and deeply fulfilling lives.

If this speaks to you, I invite you to step into it now

Certified Passion Test Facilitator, Manifestation Mentor, Visionary, Author and Coach, Solah Nightstar works to help bring more balance and healing to our planet via personal transformation and alignment with self, passion and purpose.

solah – who has written posts on Positively Purposeful.

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