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Recently I was asked, “How do you stay so positive?”

Hmmm. I sank back in my chair and thought about it a moment.

For me, I think my optimistic attitude comes from my deep belief that what we put out into the world, will always come back to us. How can I know this?

Firstly, history. In my past, this is how I’ve noticed it to be. Therefore, I choose to have every expectation that this will continue to hold true.

Notice here the word choose. Our attitudes are chosen by us, not predetermined by the external event. How we react to what happens is absolutely up to us. Isn’t that inspiring? We choose. We’re in control of how we feel about everything. Imagine for a moment what the implications of that statement could mean in your life.

Another important element of cultivating a positive attitude is focus. Actually, it could be the most important element of all. Fortunately, focus is a skill easily learned. By continually re-directing our gaze from the empty portion of the glass, to the section of it containing the refreshing beverage, we train our minds to eventually, automatically notice the glass as half full.

Again, we choose to focus on the positive. To reside in positivity. Initially, it might seem just as easy to see the negative in everything, but how would that serve us?

Faith is another important factor for me.  Since I cultivate a harmonious relationship with the universe around and within me, I know that all is co-creating in my best interest, continually bearing gifts for my growth and evolution.

Faith can also re-enforced by history. Witnessing my own successes in the past, bolsters my  expectations of future success. Notice how this also fits in with focus. If I wasn’t focusing on all the awesome things I’ve done in the past, it would be very difficult to develop this faith based on history.

Then there’s our astrology. For some, optimism comes more naturally. I’m a huge fan of learning about our natural tenancies via our astrological charts. If you haven’t had yours done, I definitely recommend  looking into it. By familiarizing ourselves with the inclinations that we are naturally magnetized to, we can foresee our challenges and therefore have the advantage of working to gain skills that will help us counter balance that which feels inharmonious with our intentions.

For example, Jupiter is the planet of optimism. If we don’t have agreeable alignments of Jupiter in our chart, we’ll need to focus more on making sure we cultivate positivity. For those with harmonious alignments of Jupiter, optimism will come more naturally. Having this information is of great advantage in terms of our ability to manifest the type of life we really want to be living.

Working for the benefit of the greater good, allows me to easily put a huge amount of attention, dedication and love into what I do. Since I believe that everything we put out comes back to us, I trust that everything will come back in a beautiful way.

It’s also important to have a look at the times when the incoming results don’t appear to reflect our output. This is almost always due to hidden belief systems. These hidden beliefs actually stop us from receiving it in the way we think we want to receive. For this reason, it’s important that we are consciously working to uncover these hidden beliefs. How do we know that we have them? Here’s the key – if you are experiencing any form of suffering or pain, it’s likely due to a belief that isn’t serving you.

The next time something that appears to really suck happens, look deeper. What beliefs led you to this outcome? What are the gifts hidden within the challenge? What opportunities are you being given to stretch yourself a little and become closer to the human being you would really like to be? What do you need to do to shift your focus and to cultivate your faith?

If you keep asking these questions, you’re sure to become Positively Purposeful!

Solah Nightstar works as an Empowerment Coach and Manifestation Mentor helping Changemakers create the world they wish to see.

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