unveiling our purpose

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Purpose. Seven simple letters yet it can sound like such a big, daunting word.

Everything is what we make it out to be. No exceptions. Even purpose.

The word “occult” literally translates to ‘hidden from view’. Some folks believe that the occult is scary and yes, we are often scared of that which we don’t understand.

This can be true of purpose.

When we want to understand something, we must move towards it. We must look behind the veil to see what’s there. We must make the hero’s journey into the deep, dark unknown and come out the other side… enlightened and ready to gift our community with what we learned. Ready to show them that the monster was only fear itself and that we all have the courage and the power to explore what at first seemed scary.

With knowledge comes understanding. With understanding comes becoming. With becoming comes unity and alignment with all that is. This is the path of purpose.

Have you ever stopped to think that perhaps your purpose is not the big scary illusive monster it’s made out to be? What if what’s behind the veil is something you’ve been doing all your life? What if it’s the thing you love doing more than anything else? What if the universe is just waiting for you to do more of this thing? What if it’s the easiest thing you can do?

Does that make it a little less scary?

What if, you were born to be magnificent through simplicity? What if kindness, truth, love or beauty were your purpose? What would that look like? What would it take for you to step more fully into this simplicity and to live fully aligned as the essence of one of those qualities? Where could you begin to look for your purpose and how will you know when you’ve found it?

I’m holding the veil open for you right now. Who’s ready to step up and see what’s on the other side?

Solah Nightstar works as an Empowerment Coach and Manifestation Mentor helping Changemakers create the world they wish to see.

solah – who has written posts on Positively Purposeful.

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