the storm and the still

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Right now, it’s my job to relax.

Sometimes, life gets really hectic.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been moving. Actually, for the last few months I’ve been moving. Planning, preparing, organizing, packing, moving out of our live/work artist space and into storage lockers, temporary abodes and finally, our new home on wheels a.k.a ‘The Dream Machine’.

I’d been looking forward to retreating into the woods and soaking up the fresh air for months and through all that needed to take place in order for us to get there/here, the retreat was delayed.

Now, finally at my desired destination, I choose to stop.

Sometimes in an attempt to keep up and maintain control, we begin to feel a disconnect from our true selves. Often folks describe this as feeling of being ‘lost’ and generally, it just feels lame. When the chaos subsides, we find ourselves left with a frazzled version of ourselves.

Before moving on to the next tasks, it’s then our job to relax and get back to our calm and centred self. Stop the nagging mind, list making, tasking ~ and breathe. I love to write off a handful of days where I don’t allow myself to do any work. There are no expectations except that I work on relaxing. It’s a very important job to do!

The further we’ve spun from our centre, the more relaxing it takes to return to our peaceful place where we’re able to give and receive love equally, make decisions from a calm and wise place and generally be radiant and attractive beings.

In the last few days, I’ve gone for a small walk to the creek, casually drove into town with my friend for supplies, set up and decorated my camp/new home, harvested some indigenous plants and herbs to create an awesome salad, shared some beautiful meals and painted a rock. Yup. That’s it. That’s been my job. To be in the moment and do what I feel like doing. No work allowed.

One of the coolest things about this process is the end result. When you love your work, you will begin to feel the energy building as you begin craving getting back to work. By the time you’re feeling like you’ve relaxed into yourself and you’re rested, you’re actually keen to work and your productivity skyrockets!

Is it time for you to take on the job of relaxing?

Solah Nightstar works as an Empowerment Coach and Manifestation Mentor helping Changemakers create the world they wish to see.

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