stepping stones on a sustainable path

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I was just given the same gift from over 100 people. For the first few days of this occurrence, I was shocked and amazed. Upon reflection, I realized, it was simply the principle of Karmic Reciprocity manifesting.

Karmic Reciprocity is basically The Law of Attraction in action. What you put out energetically finds it’s match and comes back to you. The gift that was given to me was something I’ve been encouraging others to give to themselves all my life. Now, I was receiving massive support in the giving of it to myself.

My extraordinary partner Erin was helping organize an off-grid music festival based on culture, community and sustainability, Towards Eden. While he and a small crew of volunteers worked tirelessly to build and run the festival, I was given the space to hide in the woods on the festival grounds and put all of my focus on into my new business. Periodically, I would pop out to experience the festival as an attendee, rather than a direct contributor. After living and breathing the festival preparations for the last 8 months through Erin’s involvement, this was how I needed to go about it.

One of the main factors that allowed me to be in this position, was the fact that I don’t believe in the concept of selfishness. Selfishness brings guilt and shame. Selffullness, on the other hand, fills you up so that you can help fill up others. It’s what the airlines teach when they instruct you to don your oxygen mask before helping your children with theirs. It’s what happens when you ‘do what you need to do’ so that you are then able to champion others.

I’m always encouraging those I speak with to focus on what’s right for them and not worry about what others are thinking or doing. I believe that if we’re all doing this, the world will be a much better place. Obviously I really needed the space to be selffull at this time. But how did all of these people know to support me in making this happen?

I believe it started with the fact that I know myself so well. I knew what my needs were and was able to clearly communicate those needs to the people closest to me. Because the people closest to me and loving and respectful, they held the space for me to do what I needed to do. This magnified my power to do so.

Secondly, I stayed true to my word. I did exactly what I said i was going to do. Once again, I was clear with my intentions and my actions followed suit. I acted with integrity to myself which helped others act with integrity too.

Thirdly, I paid attention. By employing the principles of expansion and contraction found in the ebook “From Sad to Glad” I was easily able to recognize whenever I began to do something that was not exactly in line with my original intent. Although at times, I thought that I wanted to take on certain tasks in order to be supportive of my friends, every time I dipped my toes in to do so, I automatically felt contracted, and therefore stopped.

My intention was to sink into nature and maintain a nice working balance from my new outdoor office. I also wanted to enjoy the festival from as much of an outside perspective as possible, allowing me to give valuable feedback and have time and energy to support my loved ones while they worked. I was able to ensure they were hydrated, sun-screened, fed, loved and getting some sleep. It was imperative that I maintained healthy relationships throughout these challenges and if I wasn’t feeding myself, that would have been very difficult!

I knew what it was that I most needed to be doing for the benefit of the greater whole. It was a time to focus on ‘my own stuff’ so that I position myself to give abundantly in the near future. It was the rooting of some crucial beginnings. It was the cube on which the solidly grounded sit.

The scope and consistency of the support I received was truly inspiring. Everyone was open, non-judgemental and encouraging of me doing my own thing. This was such a relief. The support I received allowed me to sink deeper into a place of service and to further value the role each one of us has in society and the importance of assisting one another in staying on our path without distraction.

The festival was about sustainability, culture and community. I did my best to support the culture and community while maintaining a sustainable level of output and energy. The community and culture then acted sustainably by giving me the space to propagate my service which will help feed back into this system down the road.

Would employing any of the following practices help you to be more selffull so that you are better able to sustain the whole?

1. Know yourself.
2. Communicate your needs clearly.
3. Stay true.
4. Pay attention.
5. Cultivate your ability to give and receive in a balanced way.

If so, keep in touch. We’ll be further exploring these and many other principles which will ensure you’re living your version of a Positively Purposeful life!

Solah Nightstar works as an Empowerment Coach and Manifestation Mentor helping Changemakers create the world they wish to see.

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  1. Julie says:

    Thank you for your very insightful wisdom Solah. Your article has inspired me to continue to be more in tune with my own needs and trust that I am doing what’s best for everyone. This is not the norm in our society so I think it feels strange for most of us to do this. But when we do we are in the flow of life, things come more easily to us and we are better able to shine our light into the world for everyone’s benefit.

  2. sage says:

    The village is a place where every person is granted the trust to contribute in the best way for themselves, and to be open and honest in giving and receiving…..Towards Eden was – and is – a model of this. I am so glad you were able to do your thing, in the midst of all that! You are an inspiration to me solah.

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