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With changemaking, comes transition. And with transition, often comes a little grumbly, bumpy disruption. I’ve been in the midst of grumbly, bumpy for the last few weeks.


Moving. It’s one of those things in life that gets you to a bigger and better place. During the shifting process though, you usually feel it…. and it isn’t always comfortable.

6 years ago, in the mountains of Whistler, BC, I found the man of my dreams. We lived together on the lake, in the woods. The majestic mountains, waters and all of nature surrounding us were incredible. We enjoyed feasts on our porch and moonlit canoe rides just outside our front door. Conversely, our indoor space, although cute and cozy, was cramped. We were craving a more conducive creative space. Higher ceilings for our thoughts to swirl about and a place for all of our art supplies and creative projects to flourish.

I knew of a unique building for artists in Vancouver, showed it to Erin. That’s all it took. We decided to move to the city.

There was a big push to finish up all of our contracts in Whistler and put everything in storage. We then headed for the Burning Man Festival in Nevada and returned to Vancouver where we stayed with a friend for a month, while waiting to get into this amazing building. Three big deals in one go. Erin got the flu on the day between the move and leaving for Burning Man. It was bumpy…. and it was worth it.

Hanging out in the desert together, allowed us to share more dreams and re-focus our efforts in preparation for life in Vancouver. Enter the ARC. It’s a unique Artist Resource Centre in industrial East Vancouver that houses 80 live/work studios for artists. Terracotta floors, high ceilings, open concept studios with shared sound-proof music rooms in the basement along with a kiln, darkroom, wood working shop, metal working shop and dance/art exhibition space. Here we befriended lots of immensely talented artists. I learned to use the kiln, we set ourselves up with creative businesses that we love, and enjoyed all the facilities a big city and a wonderful building have to offer.

We lived and loved at the ARC for 5 years. As our businesses expanded, we out grew that space. Equally pressing, we were craving fresh air. For all the perks of the building we were in, the chicken slaughterhouse, rendering plant, fish packing plant and small brewery, left the air quality less than desirable. Oh, my sensitive nose!

And then Erin decided to help throw an off grid music festival. I jumped on the opportunity to live and work from the woods and knew I just needed an office up there. So I started looking for a mobile home and “The Dream Machine” found us.

Once again, moving. Planning, sorting, packing. While in the midst of running our businesses and Erin managing a festival. Grumbly? Yes.

Worth it?

Now, in the woods, every breath is marvellous. The air smells sweet and earthy, green and fragrant, calming and energizing, all at the same time. I breathe deeply here and deeply love and appreciate each and every breath. Humming birds, bumble bees, squirrels and butterflies are my new neighbours. Their art is equally as brilliant as my city friends’.

From this space, in the Nahatlatch Valley, I am sinking back into myself. My intention this summer, is to maintain a beautiful balance of ‘just being’ with the natural beauty all around me while working to inspire you into your own majickal essence.

Who are you, where do you want to be and what kind of transition is it going to take to get you there?


Solah Nightstar works as an Empowerment Coach and Manifestation Mentor helping Changemakers create the world they wish to see.

solah – who has written posts on Positively Purposeful.

5 Responses to ‘moving from this… to that’

  1. sage says:

    totally worth it.
    Love, unconditional and unrestricted.

  2. solah says:

    actually Brittany from helps with me all of that back-end techy stuff on my site. hiring help with the stuff i don’t enjoy and that would take me ages to figure out is one of the best business decisions i’ve ever made! if you contact her, she’ll be able to point you in the right directions with the plugin. cheers!

  3. Kayden says:

    Okay I’m cnovniecd. Let’s put it to action.

  4. Wow! Thank you! I permanently wanted to write on my blog something like that. Can I take a portion of your post to my website?

    • solah says:

      hi jonnathon. your blog looks great too! thanks for asking about sharing. i’d be honored to have you share some of my words on your site. please just credit what you use by mentioning that i wrote it. wishing you all the best! solah

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