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Buddha was really on it when he said… ”Your work is to discover your work, and then with all your heart give yourself to it.”

Work. What is our work?

This is a question that plagues the minds of many…. and there’s a reason for that. It’s a question is of high importance.

We can attempt to ignore the question and keep doing what we’re doing while spending the majority of our time dedicated to something that neither fulfills, challenges or rewards us.

Or we can take the time to discover our work and spend the rest of our lives dedicating our self to a mission that is bigger than ourselves. One that gives back to others. One that makes us feel alive, significant, purposeful and truly happy.

The choice is ours. Or so it might seem.

If you’re tuned into the bigger scope of things, there is no choice. Our calling is calling us… loud and clear. Personally, if I’m not living my passion and doing what I’m meant to do, I start to go a little crazy. I do whatever it takes to manacly clear any obstacles that are in between me and my dreams. That which stands in my way of doing my work, must go. I know what my work is and it’s not going to go away. It’s going to wait for me to step up and fulfill it.

How did I know what my work was? I listened. I listened to my inner knowing, my instincts. I looked closely at who I was, and how I fit into the bigger picture of the world around me. I evaluated and reevaluated my values. I connected with spirit and allowed it to work through me and to guide me. I paid attention to the signs. I did the work I needed to do in order for it to emerge. Most importantly, I honored my hearts callings at all times.

And now I’m here to teach you how to do the same. Who’s ready to step up?


Solah Nightstar Empowerment Coach and Manifestation Mentor has recently been featured in the bestselling book series Adventure in Manifesting. Her chapter describes how she’s gone about her life creating majick and listening to her hearts callings. It’s filled with inspiration and powerful practices which will help you to begin to manifest a life you love. Solah is currently working to develop a program which helps others discover their passion and purpose via getting to know themselves deeply and tuning in to connect with the universe around them and to ultimately discover how they fit into the whole. To learn more about this program contact Solah directly at solah@positivelypurposeful.com


Solah Nightstar works as an Empowerment Coach and Manifestation Mentor helping Changemakers create the world they wish to see.

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