I'm Solah and I help people align with their PASSIONS and their PURPOSE so that they can live happy and deeply fulfilling lives.

My intuition led me to a place where you and I have met. Maybe guardian angels, spirit guides, fate or karma helped us connect.

What-ever you want to call it, or how-ever it happened... here we are together NOW.


I represent an opportunity to check in with yourself.


  • Do you enjoy what you spend the majority of your time doing?

  • Do you have a sense of meaning and purpose behind what you do?

  • Are you living the life that you really want to be living?


These are some of the biggest questions we can ask ourselves and it's really important to stop every now and then to see if we're on track with our biggest dreams. If we don't take some time to consider these crucial questions, we end up reaching the end of our life with a list of regrets.

If your work ever leaves you thinking...


"There must be more to life than this."


"Is this really my calling?"


I'm here to help.

My manifesto represents what I stand for.

I stand for you.

My life is dedicated to helping you discover and take action on that which brings you meaning and fulfillment.

When I'm not serving others in this way, I'm serving myself. This is done by making art, working with crystals, studying metaphysics, growing food, cooking, being with loved ones, learning new things, going on adventures, meditating, doing yoga and building my businesses. Life is good and I owe that to my ability to always ensure that I'm aligned with what I'm most passionate about.

It's time to align with what you're most passionate about!

I live my karma by serving you powerfully, with heart and with total integrity. So I'm going to be completely transparent and lay out many of my offerings here. Offerings which can help you bring more passion, purpose, joy, meaning and a sense of deep fulfillment into your life.

...and lots of it is FREE!


Raise Your Vibration NOW!

Free Training Series

Our vibration is what attracts everything to us. We attract that which we resonate with. By learning to increase our vibrational frequency, we become more aligned with joy, ease and flow of life. We feel inspired and happy, we easily attract solutions to our challenges and we begin to feel like we're living a majickal life!

Sign up here and receive a few easy but potent meditations and exercises delivered to your inbox over the next few days.

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Meaning & Fulfillment... without risking your job!

This 14 day mini-course helps you get more clear on what meaning and fulfillment look like to you. It then helps you bring more of that into your life. Great for those that aren't ready for any massive life changes such as job switching.

Delivered by email, this course includes daily lessons with worksheets and practical exercises. It also helps you begin the brainstorming and strategic planning process. This is a great way to get started on your path of positive and purposeful change.

This course is crazy cheap right now! Check it out here! 


The Passion Test


This powerful process takes you straight to the truth of what your heart is calling out for. Together we'll uncover the secrets in your heart and then give you the techniques you need to easily align your life with what you're most passionate about.

You will:

  • Get crystal clear on the things that are most important to you right now
  • Discover the simple formula to align your life with your heart's callings so that you can begin living passionately right away
  • Implement the one secret that will guarantee you a passionate life
  • Learn how to transform any beliefs that may be holding you back from living passionately

The Passion Test is the quick and direct route to kick-starting a passionate life! It includes 2 sessions together by phone with a little homework between sessions.

Vibrational Recalibration

Energy Healing Sessions

The energetic field surrounding our bodies is scientifically known as the biofield and those challenging moments in our lives where we've experienced physical, mental or emotional stresses such as sadness, fear, trauma or pain leave energetic imprints in this energy field.

What’s been consciously and unconsciously programmed into our biofield goes on to affect our lives as we move forward. These energetic recordings affect our feelings, thought processes, decisions, physical health and generally what we attract and manifest in our lives.

By utilizing high grade tuning forks, made to withstand these discordant energies, we are able to locate and recalibrate these discordant vibrations in our field and to bring them back into a harmonic and peaceful state.

By recalibrating our field, we can better align ourselves for success in our lives. This may manifest as joy, peace, clarity, inspiration, more energy, greater insight, better relationships with ourselves and others and a healthier and stronger body.

Check it out here...


Crystal & Copper Jewelry & Metaphysical Tools

Majickal handcrafted (by me!) copper and crystal jewelry & metaphysical tools for lightworkers, changemakers, sensitives, empaths and those that are ready to SHINE!

One of a kind pieces, featuring semi-precious, raw, natural stones and healing crystals.

Created as high vibrational medicine, the properties of crystals can be highly supportive in your endeavors. Whatever your challenges or goals are, there are crystals to help support that process.

Smudged and tuned to 528 Hz. – the love frequency.


ASEA Redox Molecules

THIS is the most incredible thing I've discovered over the course of my life.

After being physically unwell for about 10 years and trying over 60 different things to heal (crystals and vibrational tuning fork sessions were the other top 2 most effective things I found), this product had me functioning again within a matter of days.

Enabling our cells to communicate properly, means that ANYTHING that is not right in our body, starts healing! I'm watching people like me, experience miracles on this product every day. And for those who are already well, it's turning back their biological clock, giving them significantly increased energy, mental focus & clarity and is helping them decrease recovery time after workouts and injuries.

From those who are on their deathbeds to Olympic athletes, everyone can benefit from supplementing with redox molecules.

I give thanks every day that my prayers were answered with this product and cannot recommend it highly enough!

Try it for yourself and if you're as inspired by it as I am, you can share it with others and earn an unlimited income. Getting this miracle into the hands of those that need it, is in itself, is highly purposeful.

To learn more, check out the overview video on this page https://realredoxresults.com/ (the password is 'redox') and then any videos that are of interest to you. (#85 is one of my favorites!)

Please connect with me if you'd like more info. May all beings be happy, healthy and abundant.


Personalized Coaching Packages

After a free consultation, if we were to decide that personal one-on-one support would be of the utmost benefit to you, I would custom design a package that meets you where you're at and helps you with each step of the way on the path to where you ultimately want to be.

Together we'd uncover your biggest dreams, strategize a plan to bring those dreams to life and work your plan while overcoming any obstacles that arise.

But let's start at the beginning... book yourself a FREE session and together we'll have a look at what the easiest and most direct path might be.

"Even if you don’t know exactly what you want in your life, Solah can help you find it. I would suggest talking to her any time.”

- Xandra G., Filmmaker

You may not know right away which, if any, of these options might be right for you so let's have a look at that together.


Here's what I'd love to GIFT you with...


1 hour on the phone together, free of charge where you will:

  • Gain more clarity and deeper insight into your present situation; what you want and what might be holding you back.

  • Experience a rare opportunity to speak freely and truthfully about what matters most to you. You will be heard, encouraged, supported and given feedback.

  • Learn what methods are best suited to help you do what you want to do.


These complimentary sessions are powerful and without obligation. Regardless of whether or not you decide invest in any of these offerings, my intention is to have us both walk away enriched from the experience of your complimentary call.


Sometimes all it takes is this one phone call to really jump start your dreams!


Book your FREE session!

"I have these massive lists of things I want to achieve in my life, with more ideas coming from all directions all the time. It gets so crazy trying to keep track of all the ideas and plans, and it’s hard trying to manage all the demands I put upon myself.


Speaking with you helped me to just STOP for a moment, as if everything stopped zooming about and whirling all around me for a moment. And then concentrate on where I want to be in the future, and which out of all these great ideas were the ones that were going to help me to get there. I was able to pluck them out of the crowd. That felt really good knowing I had actually made a considered decision about moving forward, not just pressed GO again and continued struggling to just keep my head above the tide of getting shit done.

(Our free session together) Really helped me learn more about helping myself. An incredibly positive, revitalizing and empowering experience, and has equipped me with the tools to better help myself in the future."

- Joanna G, Editor & Musician

If you're reading this, your spirit is most likely resonating with something about these offerings and the beautiful places they can help you get to.  Even if your mind doesn't know what that might look like for you.

Life is about taking POSITIVE ACTIONS that move you towards ever expansive and amazing places.

The first step is simply to book a free session together on the phone where we can discuss your needs further. I invite you to book your session now.

“My session with Solah provided me with invaluable insight, a clearer sense of direction and some definite timelines that have been instrumental in helping me find my next career path. Her positivity gave me the courage to leap from a career that no longer made me happy into one that challenges and inspires me! Thank you solah!”

...and a few months after our free session together...

“You were right when you said that the wildest things in our imagination can come true, we just need to believe it. I have spent the last several months really examining not only the things we had talked about in our life coaching session, but a whole series of offshoots that have sprung up from it, and what a process! Not only have I learned a lot more about how I want to be spreading my energy on a day to day basis, I have also been learning so much about myself while digging deep into the sources of my energy, and why I’ve been using it the way I have. It’s been an eye-opening and amazing few months. Thanks so much for helping to jump-start that process for me!”

- Woodrow R, Leather Artisan

Whether you're looking to completely change the path you're on OR to make a few small tweaks to what you're doing so that you can bring more passion and purpose into your life, I can help. The first step is to book a FREE call together.

Book your FREE session!

The important thing to remember is that I’m here to support you.


I know how complicated life can feel sometimes.... and it's really important that we have support to help get us sort through the trickier bits, such as aligning our lives with passion and purpose.

Often times, we see something that looks intriguing but we don’t act on it right away. Life then sweeps us up with distractions and that interesting thing slips away.

We've just met, and I don’t want us to slip out of each other’s lives. I'm totally here for you.  If you're not ready to book a free session together, please take a moment to stay connected by leaving your email address. Then when the time comes that you would like some support, you'll have me in your circle of contacts.


I promise to respect your inbox and only send you very powerful information that is directly related to helping your realize your dreams.... and of course, you’re totally in control and can unsubscribe at any time.

Let's keep in touch


Oh, and when you connect here, I"m going to send you a little gift to help keep you inspired to move through life in a way that feels really good.


Just like the TRUTH of who you really are, the OPPORTUNITIES and GIFTS presented on this page are UNLIMITED.

They can take you anywhere you choose to go.

If you're ready for a HEARTFELT ADVENTURE, it would be my honor to help you illuminate your path. Simply...

Book your FREE session!

Whatever action you choose to take, I honour the immense well of wisdom that resides within you.

With deep gratitude for who you are and all that you bring to this world,

Solah Nightstar MDiv.

Empowerment Coach & Manifestation Mentor

your guide to the potential that resides inside